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    • CommentAuthorhjyxwz
    • CommentTimeDec 22nd 2017
    The children's favorite products, because, we invest in ongoing research projects, research the game children in the system, the social intercourse ability and the development of cognitive ability, etc. The results used as the result of product development, to ensure that our products help children of different age and ability of comprehensive development. Amusement facilities for children with games dynamic and exciting, but also for children's physical and mental development to create a high quality environment. Our slogan "play games growth, let children have a happy childhood. 1.Product Description Our Productsoutdoor playground equipment MaterialPlastic parts: LLDPE imported from Korea, high temperature resistance, innocuity. Iron parts: National standard 114mm galvanized steel pipes?the thickness 2mm platform?Anti-sliding,anti-water,children can play safely and happily Screw:All the screws are No. 304 stainless steel material Model No.HO 00101 Size1150*640*400cm Age range3-15 years MOQ1. One set 2. Mixed with 20FL container Usage:Municipal garden, Community, School, beach, Kindergarten, Amusement park, Supermarket, Residential area ,Club and so on. PackingEuropean standard export packing :plastic parts and soft sponge elements are nylon package, and iron parts are cotton cloth packed in bulk. Delivery date7-15 days after your order confirmed and deposit the down payment InstallationProvide specific installation instruction or send professional engineers Payment TermsT/T(30% deposit , 70% balance before shippment ) 1 Galvanized pipe : 1) With Ø 114 mm and thickness of 2 mm steel tube (to pipe quality which conform to the BS1387-1985 standard requirement, technical standards comply with the BS1387-1985 requirements), 2) surface spraying the United States again dupont outdoor environmental protection polyester powder bead light, high temperature curing, smooth surface, ultraviolet light resistance, and a strong ability of bright color, is not easy to fall off, corrosion resistance; 3) Spraying equipment USES the computer control of south Korean import electrostatic powder spraying device, powder recovering the small whirlwind and import filter heart, and high efficiency, no pollution. 2 Plastic: 1) LLDPE:Imported from South Korea henan petrochemical company 644 roll-plastic special material roll into the shape, 2) in line with the GB/T 4454-1996 requirements, plastic 6 mm thick wall above, colour is gorgeous, resistance to ultraviolet (UV) ability to 8 level, 3) in line with the Australian food grade standards, antistatic ability strong, safe environmental protection, weather resistance, high strength. 3.Packaging & Shipping 4.Installation Contact us soon ZHEJIANG HUAOU AMUSEMENT EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD Tel:+86 577 66960116 Fax:+86 577 66960118 Phone:+86 18058366096 Skype:jimmy101423 Wechat:zn249027407outdoor playground equipment Made in China website: