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    In other cases, the symptoms can only be controlled medically, as the underlying disease is untreatable. In general, medical treatment does not reverse numbness, but can have a definite effect on pain, whether it is burning, tingling, poking or shooting. Traditional pain medications such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, Tylenol or narcotics do not usually work well on neuropathic pain. The abnormal nerve function is often separate from the normal pain signals that these medications work on, and in the case of anti-inflammatory medications no inflammation is present to be reduced. There are several topical medications available to treat mild cases of peripheral neuropathy-related pain. These creams and gels contain hot pepper extract or menthol, and can alter pain sensation in limited ways through several mechanisms. Most cases however require medication that actually modifies the abnormal nerve signal. This includes anti-seizure or anti-depressant medications that are also FDA approved to treat peripheral neuropathy. Unfortunately, side effects in some individuals can limit their use. These include excessive sedation, leg swelling, and blurry vision. Alternately, there are some prescription nutritional supplements that can be used for multiple causes of peripheral neuropathy. Unfortunately, their overall effectiveness in the larger population is still being debated, as they may only work in a limited number of people. Given the problems associated with peripheral neuropathy, proper care of the feet is important This is especially true in diabetics. The feet are at greater risk for skin wounds, infections that go unnoticed, soft tissue and bone injuries, and hot/cold injuries when there is poor sensation.