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    • CommentAuthorhjyxwz
    • CommentTimeDec 22nd 2017
    COUNTERSUNK HEAD SQUARE NECK BOLTS ITEM: 114 DEGREE COUNTERSUNK SQUARE NECK BOLTS ; CARRIAGE BOLT MATERIAL: BOTH LOW CARBON AND MEDIUM CARBON STEEL DIMENSION: ASME B18.5 FINISHING: BLACK ZINC PLATED YELLOW ZINC PLATED HOT DIP GALVANIZED Q1: Are you a manufacturer or trading company? A: We are manufacturer for screws, bolts, studs, rivets, pins, washers, stamping & tooling parts, we have long-term associated parteners that can provide wide range of fasteners. Q2: What kind of material you used for producing the bolt? A: We using carbon steels (low and medium carbon, alloy steels), stainless steel and brass. Q3: Do you produce standard or non standard bolt? A: We have regular production for ANSI and DIN standard bolts, while we also make customized bolts and stud. Q4: How to ensure that every process's quality? A: We have our in-house QC daily and hire third party for randomly inspection. Q5: Can you provide samples? A: For our regular bolts, we offer free samples. For customized bolts, tooling and moulding charges needed. All free samples not including its courier charge. China square head bolts website: