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    • CommentAuthormomu162
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2018
    Type300W Mono-crystalline silicon Maximum Power (Pmax)W175 Power Tolerance ±5% Maximum Power voltage (Vmp)V35.27 Maximum Power current (Imp)A8.50 Open circuit voltage (Voc)V45.22 Short circuit current (Isc)A8.60 Size of module (Length and Width)1950*990*50 Frame (type, material and thickness)Anodized Alu. alloy frame,46 mm thickness Quantity of cells72 pcs (6x12) Cell Size156 x 156mm Weight15.0 Kg Type of junction boxIP65 Cable type2 PfG 1169, 4mm² Maximum system voltage1000V Temperature coefficient of Isc+0.05%/ Temperature coefficient of Voc-0.34%/ Temperature coefficient of power-0.5%/ NOCT (Nominal operating cell temperature)47(+2) Insulation>=100MOhm Voltage StandoffAC2000V, DC3000V Wind Bearing60m/s(200kg/sq.m) Impact Resistance Hail Impact Test227g steel ball fall down from 1m height Glasshigh transmission,low iron,tempered glass 3.2 mm Cell Efficiency16.33% Module Efficiency13.71% Advantages: 1.Superior quality raw material.All the solar cells are imported from top manufacturers fromJapan, Taiwan, Germany and the USA; China best PV supplier high efficiency 12v mono solar panel 250w 2.Good performance.Stable silicon, high turnover rate, charge easier. 3.Strict quality control system.Especially professional workers monitor each step. All the solar panels are double checked by EL test and Flash testbefore final confirm. Make sure each piece is superior . Send customer the best. 4.Technology makes high output.Use high-tech machine to produce and test. High output, quality guarantee. 3MW output per month. HQ Services 1. OEM service is welcome. 2. We will provide all the details to you during the mass production. 3. Customize your mould according to your need. 4. Your requirements and complaints are highly respected. 5. Necessary test and certification can be obtained as your request.China solar powered lights factory website: