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    • CommentAuthorombreprom
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2018

    West High student creates dream Cinderella promenade dress

    For many highschool women, promenade is one in all the highlights of the year. For West High senior Marissa Maurer, it's a dream return true.

    The dream began once she was a bit woman and enjoyed look the Walt Disney cheap bridesmaid dresses classic "Cinderella."

    She preferred look the video and unreal of being a real-life Cinderella.

    Like the Walt Disney aristocrat, Maurer created and sewn her own robe for the massive dance on Saturday, April 21.

    As AN pupil at West highschool, she is listed in 2 AP art categories this year. a category project needs the scholars to gift a portfolio for a grade, and this semester the portfolio may be a 3D project. The project galvanized Maurer to style and stitch a dress.

    After exploring through Pinterest for inspiration, she found a photograph of the planning she wished to form and started sketching out her vision.

    "I began coming up with the dress in August, right once faculty started," she said. "I asked for the materials as a birthday gift."

    She had ordered a number of the materials on-line cheap prom dresses , however after they arrived she wasn't glad with the various reminder blue, thus she set to get cloth from a neighborhood look. See more of these infors by now..come here for more fun!